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Carolina Ale House 10/25/2016
Knoxville, TN

Our typical Tuesday evening generally leads us to a different local restaurant but, this night, we wanted to switch things up. We ended up at the fairly new Carolina Ale House near Cedar Bluff.

It was about 7:15 and we were seated, as requested, at a booth in the bar area. Our server approached our table fairly quickly but, the drinks seemed to take a bit of time. I guess it was understandable considering the bar trade on a World Series game night.

Our server returned and took our order and, of course, I ordered my favorite appetizer of theirs, the Beer-Battered Cheese Curds. They’re always great and I love the red pepper jalapeno jam that is served with it. In addition to the appetizer, I decided to try their Jumbo Chicken Wings, grilled and a side order of fries to split with my husband. He ordered the Jumbo Chicken Wings fried.

The appetizer seemed to take a lot longer than usual but, again, giving the kitchen the benefit of the doubt. It was a pretty busy night with the baseball game on television. One they were delivered I asked for extra napkins in anticipation of some really messy wing hands.

Our food order arrived and, again, I asked for extra napkins (our server forgot to bring them the first time we asked). The food looked delicious. Although, I think next time I would order the wings fried because, as expected, the sauce made the grilled wings less crispy than I anticipated. However, they were still delicious and served temperature hot. My husband said his fried wings were great! The fries were also served hot and were cooked perfectly.

We had to ask the server, for the third time, for extra napkins and I made it a point that time to mention that he kept forgetting them. He said that he went to pick them up but that our food was ready. Well, what about the other two times. This is something that really got under my skin, but normally wouldn’t. This server had absolutely no personality at all. He wasn’t rude, but he also wasn’t too friendly. We have been to this location several times before, and will return again, but usually the ticket times are faster and the servers much more friendly. Maybe he was just having a bad night but, if we went again, I would make sure we didn’t sit in his section.

I asked for the manager and advised him that it was probably a bad night for a food review and handed him my card. I explained who I was and what issues we ran into during our dinner. I always make it a point to highlight the positive, and negative, experiences. He apologized and said that he would speak to the server. He gave his name and said to ask for him the next time we came in.


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