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Aroma Café 5/23/2016
Maryville, TN

Wow! If you’ve never eaten at Aroma Café in Maryville, you truly don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a taste of Cuba right in my backyard. It’s a small restaurant, nothing too fancy, and is a quite casual atmosphere.

When park, and it’s a small parking lot so carpool if possible, you can smell the aromas coming from inside this restaurant. It’s a delightful “aroma!”
The restaurant is owned by Javier Migoya who is from Little Havana in Miami and was born in Cuba. Aroma Café opened in April 2008. Everything his homemade and cooked fresh daily. They are also expanding! They’ve secured the other side of the building which will provide connection from one side of the restaurant to the other. It will also have its own entrance though and, with the expansion, will allow Aroma Café to offer ice cream, desserts, Cuban fruit shakes, sno cones, churros and Cuban merchandise. This expansion will also offer additional seating.

When Aroma Cafe first opened the main area was only a small room with 3 or 4 tables. Before they knew it (within the first year) they had their first expansion to add a second dining room (which is the top photo to the right).
Straight from the restaurant – BIG news! They are having 24 flavors of special ice cream shipped in once the expansion is complete. They will be the only restaurant in the State of Tennessee to serve it. I can’t wait to see what it is!

When you walk in you are greeted by a cozy entry way and a counter where you place, and pay, for your order. You are given a number to place on the table and your drinks are self-service. I ordered a medium Cuban and there was an option to make it a combo/meal so I did. I ordered the red beans and rice. (Note that this reviewer doesn’t even like ANY beans and rice). But, as a reviewer, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and take one for the team. My total meal was around $11.00 including tax. I was served within 5 minutes and the food was hot.

As soon as my food was delivered I remembered that I should have ordered more Mojo sauce. It comes in a little container, and I honestly don’t know much about it other than it has a ton of flavor and is like an “au jus” and it’s for dipping your Cuban into. I remembered seeing a sign about additional Mojo sauce being $0.25 but I just didn’t remember. They were just way too busy at the counter so I asked a server to bring me one more, if possible. I was happy when I was given another one. So, take note, make sure you always get at least 2 Mojo sauce.

The Cuban at Aroma Café is truly the best Cuban I have ever had! The photo to the right just doesn’t even give it justice. It was full of meat and had a nice, crispy crust on the bread. So, about those red beans and rice! Oh my gosh! I almost ate all of them! On top is a little ground beef and the beans and rice were so flavorful. I’m now a lover of their red beans and rice.

I can’t wait to go back!


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