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10/29/2016 Quaker Steak & Lube
Knoxville, TN

My husband and I used to visit a different location about 30 minutes away but our experience wasn’t the greatest. The food was excellent but the management lacked personality. They’ve been closed some time now.

So, you can imagine how happy we were when a new location opened in our area. We decided to check it out this afternoon because my husband was in the mood for chicken wings.

The location is in a busy part of Knoxville, very close to the West Town Mall and a wing competitor (Hooter’s) but it’s an impressive location. The building, which is new, is large. When we entered, we stepped up to an old car front which was the hostess stand. It was unique that’s for sure but it definitely fit into the theme.

Upon being seated, it took a little time for the server to come over and greet us and take our drink order but she was very friendly and suggested a beer choice when I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Of course, if the had a beer menu printed with all of their selections, this would have made my choice much easier. She mentioned that they were in the process of updating the beer menu and that the “patio” bar had different beer choices than the inside bar. But, the suggestion she made was a good one and I enjoyed the Michelob Ultra.

We knew that we wanted to order our favorite appetizer, the O-Ring Ontenna (half order) because they were always delicious at the other location. Unfortunately, I had to call our server over and ask her to check on them because it had been 20 minutes and still no appetizer. She came back about 5 minutes later, after making a very brief trip to the “patio” area to say something to who I suspected was the manager. She delivered them to us and said that 25 minutes was way too long to wait for them and that she had the manager take them off of the bill. We thanked her because, at that point, we figured the food order would follow our meal just behind the appetizer delivery. For me, there’s nothing worse than ordering and either getting your salad, or appetizer, just minutes before your meal. This is probably one of my top pet peeves.

The onion rings were as good as we remembered them but I had forgotten that I wanted a side of ranch instead of the sauce that’s served with them. The sauce isn’t bad but it’s a bit too smoky for me. Unfortunately, we couldn’t locate our server to ask her for the after-delivery substitution. So, I ate two of the onion rings and enjoyed them as is.

About 15 minutes after our appetizer arrived, which we already waited 25 minutes for, our meals came. My husband ordered the Sprintster Jumbo Bone-In Wings) with medium sauce. He said his were temperature hot and they were perfectly sauced. He thoroughly enjoyed his wings.

I opted for a less messy option and ordered the Top Gear Tenders Basket which came with fries and coleslaw. I ordered a side of Cajun and Thaisian sauces for my chicken tenders. I also received the ranch dressing as well. The chicken tenders were amazing! They were perfectly battered and crisp but moist throughout. It had been so long that I couldn’t remember what sauces I liked but I made good choices. I preferred the Thaisian sauce the most but the Cajun was still tasty. The French fries were hot and the coleslaw was probably the best coleslaw I’ve ever had in a restaurant. I particularly liked the fact that the coleslaw didn’t taste like it had too much vinegar. I could barely taste any vinegar actually. It was the perfect meal!

Prior to finishing the meal, we asked for the check. Unfortunately, when she returned we had to remind her to remove the appetizer from the bill and I took that opportunity to ask for the manager so I could alert him to the review and the delay in the appetizer.

The manager, who was friendly, advised us that, though he was embarrassed to admit it, but the kitchen had lost the ticket for the appetizer. He stated that is why it took so long.

I appreciated the manager explaining the delayed ticket time for our appetizer. However, we did notice that the table of four that sat down next to us about 10 minutes after us and there was a delay in the delivery of their meal as well.

We will definitely return and give them a second try because the food really was delicious but I hope there are not the same kind of glitches in ticket times and that the server might be a little more attentive than the one we had today.


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