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Blaise Doubman is the creator of the popular world-wide read website, “Blaise the Baker.” His website was one of the top rated food blogs for almost five years before transitioning into TRAIL BLAISE. His website features hundreds of recipes, kitchen tips, cookbook reviews, ask/answer segments, giveaways, interviews, column pieces and more. Blaise also serves on a Board of Family Ambassadors at Glen Oaks Health Campus in New Castle, Indiana. This position ensures that quality, and care, stay a top priority in and around the campus.
Blaise holds his Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University East. His food column, “CHEW THIS!” is written exclusively for “The Courier Times” newspaper and appears on the first and third Saturdays of each month.
Blaise created and published two exclusive, limited edition, cookbooks. His debut cookbook, “Blaise the Baker Dessert First,” had multiple printings and quickly sold out. His second cookbook, “Blaise the Baker Celebrates,” also sold out. Both were sold worldwide and sold thousands.
Blaise loves to hear from his readers and encourages feedback. He can be reached via his website’s contact page: 
I’m proud to call Blaise a dear friend. He’s someone I can always call, or text, if I have a technical baking question. He’s clearly someone that knows no stranger. He makes friends everywhere he goes.

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