Overnight Oats

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I wanted to share with you a breakfast game changer! If you’re like me, super busy with a lot going on, and a two-hour daily commute to and from work, breakfast needs to be quick!

A few weeks ago I was cruising down the cereal aisle in the grocery store when I saw a small container by Quaker that read “Overnight Oats.” I had seen many recipes on Pinterest for overnight oats but had never tried any. I couldn’t imagine that cold oatmeal would be good but I was intrigued. 

I got home, added my milk and placed it in the refrigerator. The next day I pulled the small container out of the refrigerator and stirred it. I said to myself, “here goes nothing.” 

I was immediately convinced that, from the point forward, that I needed a regular routine of overnight oats in my life! 

I started scouring Pinterest for “overnight oats,” and there was Board after Board and Pin after Pin to choose from. 

I came across one that had a variety of six to choose from. As I looked at the description of each of them I decided these were the ones I was going to try first. 

I had the following selection to choose from:

Pina Colada

Chocolate Brownie

Cranberry Almond

Apple Pie

Cookie Dough 

Caramel Pecan

I absolutely loved them and they are all now a part of my regular “breakfast menu!”

Check out the Haute and Healthy Living website for the recipes to each of these delicious overnight oats.

You can also check out the Facebook Page at Haute and Healthy Living. 

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