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10/28/2016 O’Charley’s Restaurant + Bar
Maryville, TN

It had been a very long day and, since neither of us wanted to cook, we were looking for a place for a great cobb salad for my husband. We looked at several restaurant options and ended up at O’Charley’s. Of course, I was undecided as to what I would order but, since we had not been into this location in about 2 years, I thought it was time for a review.

Our server, Charlie, was very helpful and friendly even though the restaurant was very busy. Onto the menu… It had certainly changed since the last time we were there but, when I saw one of my favorite seafood dishes, I knew I had to order it. I opted for the Fresh Cedar Planked Salmon and it didn’t disappoint! The salmon arrived on the cedar plank (that got a little over-charred on a corner) but the salmon was perfectly cooked and, to be honest, the best bite was that corner that had the char on it. It was perfectly seasoned but I think it should have been served with two wedges of lemon rather than one but it was still delicious. With two sides to select, I opted for the Caesar salad which was awesome as usual; perfectly dressed and fresh steamed broccoli.

When I asked for the manager, to alert him to my review and experience, I was pleasantly surprised to see a friendly and familiar face. The manager was Rob Corey who was always pleasant when we dined at this location some time ago. He’s a manager that’s always visible and is a hard worker. I hope the company appreciates a manager of this caliber.

My husband loved his cobb salad by the way but, the superhero meal was my salmon! We can’t wait to return soon.

Note: The only thing I mentioned that would have made the experience better would be if the salmon had the bloodline removed before cooking or serving.


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