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When it comes to seasoning food, my spice drawer contains over 100 jars of spices. However, on my counter, there are only 6 jars that are worthy of my countertop space. They are Naturiffic’s:

Garlicky Lemon, Gingery Orange, Hot Salt, Peppery Lime Q-Salt and Trapani Sea Salt

These are the salts that I use the most! I’ve been using their Gourmet Cooking Salts for well over a year and they’re the best Salts I’ve found! I totally trust in their products and they’re always my go to.

From Naturiffic’s Jody Shepard:

Naturiffic was founded to provide all natural, additive free products to allow you to Eat. Drink. Live. Naturally.

After several years of fighting belly issues that seemed to confound the medical doctors, I ended up looking for ways to help myself. My issues only started to turn the corner once I began watching what I put in my body. I discovered that when I avoided processed foods and started eating clean foods (raw, or natural, minimally processed) I began to feel a little better.

In combination with a ginger based Tea (Tummy Tamer) and soaking in a ginger infused bath (Tummy Tamer Bathing Salts), my belly issues began to subside. This was a huge step and I felt like shouting with joy from the rooftops. Instead, I got busy, I needed to share this newfound information and share our homespun products that helped me in my recovery.

That is how Naturiffic was born back in 2015. We have now evolved to offering Loose Leaf TeasGourmet SeasoningsBathing Salts & Massage Oils, all geared towards a healthier lifestyle and using premium, all-natural ingredients.

Be well and be thankful!!!


To explore their product, or get your own gourmet salts, visit:


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