Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

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Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint
7238 Nolensville Road | Nolensville, TN 37135
May 2018

Wow! Real Bar-B-Que! Where do I start? Owner, Patrick Martin knows his bar-b-que!

When you walk into the Nolensville location for the first time, you’re not quite sure where to start but you can quickly get guidance from an employee or follow the crowds! After walking up to the counter, making your food and beverage selections just pay for your meal, fill your beverage of choice, find a seat and they will bring your order to you.

If you’ve never been to a Martin’s location before, be sure to ask about their sauces.

They offer 5 different sauces and, let me be honest, it was tough for me to determine which one I wanted to try. I asked for a sampling of each and they brought it out to me to try. The sauces they offer are:

Palmetto Gold which is a “Tangy Sweet Mustard base”

Alabama White which is a “Tangy Vinegar & Mayo base

“Devil’s Nectar which is “Really, Really, Really Hot Sauce”

Jack’s Creek which is “Sweet & Spicy Vinegar base”

Sweet Dixie which is “Sweet Molasses & Tomato base”

For me, there was a clear winner in the Jack’s Creek. I couldn’t get enough of it. Luckily, this is one of two that are on the individual tables.

My husband chose the “spares” ribs and I chose the “babies” ribs. Clearly spare ribs and baby back ribs. I chose the half slab (6 bones) of ribs which came with 2 sides and a piece of bread. I chose coleslaw and fries. These ribs were the meatiest, most delectable ribs, I have EVER eaten. PERIOD! The fries were perfectly crisp, and hot. The coleslaw a spot-on ratio of tangy and sweet. Every component of our meals was very fresh!

On our way out, I couldn’t leave without buying some of the Big Hoss Rub (6 oz.) and a bottle of Jack’s Creek and Sweet Dixie Sauce. Make sure to grab a few! Don’t grab just one.

The Big Hoss Rub, according to their website, says “It’s what they use on their whole hogs, pork shoulders, chicken turkey – and pretty much everything else.” I can clearly see why! It’s the perfect blend of heat and flavor.

What always impresses me is when a restaurant makes everything from scratch!

When I saw the advertisement for Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, I hadn’t remembered that they were featured on a Food Network series. But then, when I walked in, it all came back to me. Ironically, this was one place I had wanted to try.

For me, Martin’s has a leg up on the Peg Leg Porker who I also reviewed a year ago this month! Though their food was delicious, Martin’s is clearly the leader in my opinion. We’re travelling the 2 ½ hours tomorrow to return for more delicious bar-b-que. Although, this time I think I need to try some wings as an appetizer.



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