Impossible Saskatoon Pie

Recipes | July 9, 2019 | By

My mom recently texted me, and e-mailed me a recipe that she wanted me to make with this incredibly hilarious, hard to pronounce name. It was called, “Impossible Saskatoon Pie!”

Now, keep in mind that she can bake but she ran out of time and didn’t want the blueberries to go to waste so she left them for me.

Since we live in the states, and not in Canada, where the Saskatoon berries originate, the blueberry is what she went with. They’re very similar and a great substitute.

My mom doesn’t eat eggs, and neither do I, so I was quite perplexed as to why she came up with this recipe to make. It sounded custard-like, and she doesn’t like custard.

So, I mixed the ingredients together and poured it into a pie dish and placed it into the oven. About 70 minutes later, and about 40 minutes cooking time, it was ready.

I tasted it and it was not to my liking but that was only because, again, I don’t like eggs. She took my word and didn’t taste it but everyone else (my willing taste testers at work) very much enjoyed it.

You can get the recipe here!


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