How Would You Like to be Pampered?

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It was about twenty years ago when I had my first experience with Pampered Chef. How do I remember my first experience? Because it was memorable one. I remember the Consultant making a delicious chicken ring concoction out of a crescent roll. Today, that seems so simple to me. But back twenty years ago, I was amazed that something so simple tasted so delicious!

Over the years I considered becoming a Consultant but there was one glitch. I didn’t know how to cook! (I actually thought you needed to know how to cook to be a Consultant back then)! So, I tried my hand in other ways to make extra money like cosmetics, twice, and a meal replacement shake program. Of course, that didn’t mean that I didn’t go to Pampered Chef parties, every one I was invited to, and spent a bundle! I also hosted a few here and there. So, what kept holding me back? I still couldn’t cook and I didn’t have time.

Fast forward to the present, and oh how times have changed. Well, I guess you can say I learned to cook! I still don’t really have the spare time but, the great thing is that, now we have the Internet! This means that we now have online parties so there’s the convenience of hosting online parties and live shows if we choose to do so! How fun is that?

I’ve seriously considered becoming a Consultant since my debut cookbook release but the timing just hasn’t been right. I’m focusing on my participation in the World Food Championships coming up in Dallas in October but now was the time! I made the decision and yesterday, I became a Pampered Chef Consultant!

Here’s where you, my supporters, come in. I have several missions in my quest as a new Consultant and I need your help!

I have a few perks I am personally throwing in for those who book and hold online parties on the originally booked dates within the next 29 days. Those who do, will be entered in a drawing to win prizes, one of which is a FREE autographed copy of my debut cookbook, “The Everyday Cook’s Cookbook.” Other items include FREE Pampered Chef products*.

(* These Pampered Chef products will not have any warranty as they are being provided by me and not by the company)!

Please send me an e-mail at or message me on Facebook to learn more or to book an online party.

You can also visit my page:

Let’s get this party started!


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