Gadgets! Gadgets! … and More Gadgets

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Gadgets! Gadgets! …..and More Gadgets!
If you’re like me you have pretty much every gadget known to mankind. However, you may not currently have all of those gadgets in your kitchen. Why? Well, as time goes on (and drawer space gets thin) we realize there has to be a certain priority on what gadgets are worth the drawer space and which ones are not.
This one, which is from Pampered Chef, is a Citrus Press and runs just under $20. It’s a white, enamel-coated aluminum citrus press that, in my option, is a must for every kitchen. I can’t tell you how many times I use this one.

When a recipe calls for even just 2-4 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon, or lime juice, you’ll want to buy fresh lemons or limes and use this gadget.

Make sure you contact your Pampered Chef Consultant and order one today. Don’t have one? Let me recommend mine:

Dina Brazzanovich | (865) 236-0859


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