Doc Taylor’s

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If you want a great breakfast, and you’re in the Virginia Beach area, then you must try Doc Taylors!

It’s nothing fancy, and you might miss it if you don’t know what you’re looking for but I’m glad we went on a recommendation of a friend. 
As you enter the restaurant, the first thing you notice is that it is an old house that’s been turned into a restaurant. For me, it had that “homey” feel. 

We we’re seated in a small two-top in the room with the bar and kitchen. Our server, Jessica, was friendly and very prompt. We we’re served two glasses of water and then I ordered The Doctor’s World Famous Bloody Mary, for just $2.50, packs a punch! I opted for the regular vs spicy and it was delicious! The glass’ rim is Old Bay Seasoning and it was great! I also like that it was only garnished with a slice of lime. There’s so much waste in many of the other garnishes traditionally used with a Bloody Mary. I ordered a regular coffee as well. 

For my breakfast, I ordered the Sweet Potato Pecan pancakes (a short which was 2 cakes), a side of Hash Browns (add onions) and a side of homemade Corned Beef Hash. The pancakes were slightly gummy in the center, however, having made similar pancakes at home, this is often the same result I got. The hash browns, with added onion, were good. A slight crispy crust on the outside and a lighter texture on the inside. As far as the corned beef hash, this was the best homemade corned beef hash that I’ve ever had! It’s served round with a crispy texture on the outside (we were asked if we wanted it crispy) and perfect inside. If nothing else, make sure you order a side of this!!! 

My husband ordered Doctor Tuttle’s French Toast (large which was 4 slices) and he said they were great!

This is a really great place for breakfast! The n at time we’re in town, we will make sure to return! Great service, good and prices! 


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