Colored Sugars

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Colored Sugars

Do you have trouble trying to find a certain colored sugar at the holidays or for special occasions? Well, stress no more. You can simply make your own!

I made this beautiful “Leafy Green,” using Chefmaster Food Color. I prefer this line of food coloring because they offer a color wheel so you can combine colors to create new ones but also because their food colorings are very vibrant. They also have a great selection! Of colors.

My husband was making “Bill’s Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies,” (his recipe in my cookbook) and we could not find the right shade of green so I made him some.

Simply start with granulated sugar and your desired food color(s). Add one drop at a time until you achieve your desired color. I prefer to put the sugar in a plastic zip bag and add the drops directly to the bag. Then seal and mix with my hands through the bag. This way there’s no mess.

It was the perfect green to add to the store-bought red. (But I’m sure if he let me make homemade red, it would have been much prettier than the store-bought)!


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