Angela is a self-taught home cook who came from humble beginnings. She enjoys learning from other self-taught home cooks and Professional Chefs. She is the Founder of “Your Next Great Dish®,” which was initially named “From Angela’s Kitchen,” from 2016-2017.

Angela is presently a Food Writer, Blogger, Recipe Developer, Cookbook Author, Product Tester and Brand Ambassador for Naturiffic, LLC. Her debut cookbook, “The Everyday Cook’s Cookbook,” launched in July 2018 and is currently available here so make sure to click, “The Everyday Cook’s Cookbook,” tab and order yours today. She will even personalize it for you with her autograph.

Angela is currently working on product development to expand her offerings. In the near future, she will begin construction of a Certified Domestic Kitchen which will be built on the nine acres she and her husband share with her parents Mark and Sue. She’s pretty sure there will be some farm animals in their near future if her dad has any say in the matter.

She and her husband Bill relocated from Knoxville to Athens, Tennessee. They have been married 18 years.

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