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Welcome and thanks for visiting Your Next Great Dish!

I am a Food Writer, Recipe Developer, Blogger and Cookbook Author.

I didn’t always have a love of food but, when I dedicated a year to cooking, I found my true passion. Since then, of course, my food styles have gone from very basic, somewhat immediate and some elevated.

Through cooking, I found that a former passion, and my newfound passion, crossed paths. I’ve always been a Writer but it wasn’t until a few years ago that the two paths collided. I accidentally became a Food Writer.

My food reviews appear in this Food Blog, my Facebook Page (Your Next Great Dish) and Trip Advisor where I have received the Senior Contributor badge. In my food reviews, I like to not only review the food, but the establishment (whether a food truck, fast food restaurant, a minimally priced restaurant or a 5-star restaurant). In my reviews you may find everything from the cleanliness of the restaurant, the staff, the customer service, plating and, most of all, the food!

In my Food Blog, you will also find original recipes (for the beginner as well as some with a little experience in the kitchen). You will also find tips & techniques for cooking and baking, and much more.

Is there a restaurant, or food truck that you would like me to review? Connect with me by sending me an e-mail with the details. Send me an e-mail at



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